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Panchakot Hill

Garh Panchakot, situated on the slopes of Panchet Hill and adjacent to Panchet Lake, is a scenic hilly forested area, with a tinge of history. It was a fortified area owned by the Rajas of Panchakot, the Singh Deo dynasty. Their antiquity and history are still to be ascertained properly. The family is reputed to have been established in 90 AD. They were possibly linked with the Tilkampa dynasty. The ruins of Telkupi, an ancient Jain centre, were submerged when Panchet Dam was built. It is said that the Singh Deos lost out to Bir Hambir of Bishnupur Raj around 1600 AD, albeit for a short period. The Maratha raiders, locally known as Bargis, ransacked the place in the 18th century. The Singh Deo family, ultimately, moved out to Kashipur, now in Purulia district.

The place is abounding in a rich heritage of tribal culture indigenous to the region. Tribal life with its unique rituals, festivals and way of life enriches the ethnic flavor of this soil. Treble dance with its enthusing rhythm during all there festivals especially Badna Parab, Baha, Korom Parab etc. gives an insight into their own simple world and also adds to the rural charms of this area.


Panchet Dam

Panchet is an ideal and perfect weekend destination from Durgapur, Bardhaman, Asnsol and Kolkata and surrounding places. Situated at a distance of about 90Km from Durgapur and 280Km from Kolkata. It is a perfect place to spend 1 or 2 days in the secludedness of the nature. The picturesque surrounding on the Bank of River Damodar gushing water of the Panchet dam greenery of the Panchet Hill, local tribal peoples and pollution free environment, are some of the snapshots the best describes the beauty of Panchet. The Panchet Dam speaks volumes of Man's effort to harness the natural water resources for human use. 

Panchakot Hill is about 2,100 ft (643m) high and occupies an area of 18 sq km. It is thickly forested. The area is located on the lowest step of the Chotanagpur Plateau.

Panchet Dam was the last of the four dams of Damodar Valley Corporation. It was inaugurated in 1959. Constructed across the Damodar River, it has a height of 45 metres (147.64 ft) and a length of 6,777 metres (22,234 ft). It is an earthen dam with a concrete spillway. The reservoir covers an area of 27.92 sq km at dead storage level and 121.81 sq km at maximum conservation pool. As a result of comparatively poorer communication links, it is less crowded than Maithon Dam, 30 km away.


Aranye Dinratri

Aranye Dinratri, the name inspired by Satyajit Ray’s immemorial film ‘Aranyer Dinratri’, based on the story by Sunil Gangopadhyay is a pleasant weekend gateway ,far from the madding crowd hustle bustle of city life......where you can soak in the fresh air of the garhpanchokot  mountains and its surrounding  forests.


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