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Sl.No. Tender No. Description Submit-Date Open-Date Download
1NIeT46 (2nd Call)Const. of Community Hall at Gobindapur (Tetuldanga) Guniara G.P. under Neturia Panchayat Samity, Distrct Purulia.2017-12-062017-12-11a
2NIet48NIeT48 Estimate for Interior decoration of proposed SUITE at Garh Panchakote Resort 2017-12-062017-12-11a
3NIeT46Const. of Community Hall at Gobindapur2017-11-252017-11-28a
4NIeT47Const. of different scheme under PUP of Neturia Panchayat Samity2017-12-112017-12-14a
5NIeT-44(2nd call)NIeT-44(2nd call) 8 nos retender2017-11-132017-11-16a
6NIeT43(2nd Call)Natundih AWC2017-11-062017-11-08a
7NIeT43Retender 8 nos AEC2017-11-062017-11-08a
8NIeT44Const. of 08 AWC2017-10-162017-10-24a
9NIeT43Const. of 12 AWC2017-10-122017-10-16a
10NIeT36PCC ROAD CONSTRUCTION FROM BONRA BAURI PARA Bhamuria G.P.under PUP fund 3rd Call2017-09-122017-09-15a
11NIT38NIT-38Const. of different scheme under Neturia Block2017-08-252017-08-25a
12NIeT30-378 nos scheme under PUP fund 2017-182017-08-042017-08-09a
13NIT-29NIT-29, Interior decoration at Garh Panchakote2017-07-212017-07-21a
14NIeT20Construction of Heddih Health Sub-Centre, J.L. No. 69, Plot No-554,555 under IMDP fund.2017-06-082017-06-09a
15NIeT19Construction of ACR at Monpura IPP MSK, J.L. No- 72, Plot No- 368 under IMDP fund2017-06-082017-06-09a
16NIT-08NIT-08 2nd Call Const. of CWR Clear Water Reservoir in Neturia Dev. Block2017-06-092017-06-09a
17NieT-09-16Const. of different scheme under PUP of Neturia Panchayat Samity2017-06-022017-06-07a
18NIT-08(2017-18)Construction of CWR (Clear Water Reservoir ) in Neturia Development Block.2017-05-242017-05-24a
19NIT-07(2017-18)Electrification works and Plumbing works of ICDS Centre at Parbelia New Colony.2017-05-242017-05-24a
20NIT-01(2017-18)Construction of 2 Nos. CommunityToilet at Garh Panchakote Tourism Project within Neturia Development Block under TSC fund.2017-04-202017-04-20a
21NIT-322nd call Construction of a C.W.R. (Clear Water Reservoir) for Block attached Tourist Lodge under Neturia Development Block2017-04-132017-04-13a
22NIeT-34Construction of Four Units Toilets at Ground Floor & 1st Floor of Dormitory Building at Garh Panchakote Tourism Project2017-03-242017-03-27a
23NIeT-18-16Re Tender Supply of Materials for the construction of AWC Building 2017-03-152017-03-17a
24NIT-18 to 26Supply of Materials for the construction of AWC Building 2017-02-212017-02-23a
25NIeT-17NIeT-17Const.of PCC Road from Saltore to Jhanka Via Ranipur under PUP fund2017-02-212017-02-24a
26NIT-16Student Youth Festival 2016-172017-01-112017-01-11a
27NIT-14(2nd Call)NIT-14 (2nd Call) Const.of Swiss Cottage Civil Work for (01 Units) at Garh Panchakote2016-12-282016-12-28a
28NIT-14Construction of Swiss Cottage Civil Work for (01 Units) at Garh Panchakote under Neturia Dev. Block2016-12-212016-12-21a
29NIT-13Construction of Road within Neturia Panchayat Samity under 3rd SFC Fund.2016-12-082016-12-08a
30NIeT-12Const.of Community Hall at Neturia Police Station & Parbelia New Colony2016-11-042016-11-23a
31NIeT-11Const. of PCC road from Sarbori Shib Mandir to Digha Village under PUP2016-11-042016-11-23a
32NIT-10Const. of ICDS Centre at Parbelia new colony under IMDP fund2016-11-042016-11-23a
33NIQ-01(CMDMP)Cooking utensils made of Aluminum2016-08-262016-08-26a
34NIet-09(2016-17)CONSTRUCTION OF OFFICE-CUM-GODOWN AT NETURIA LAMPS Ltd.2016-08-262016-08-26a
35NIT-07(2016-17)Construction of Drain Ram Kumar Bauri’s house to Tapan Bauri’s house of Baruipara Village of Bhamuria G.P. within Neturia Panchayat Samity under BEUP fund2016-08-112016-08-11a
37NIT-06Sinking of Mark-II tube well & supply of desk bench under Neturia Block2016-07-252016-07-25a
38NIT-05Const.of different scheme under different fund Neturia PS2016-07-222016-07-25a
40NIeT-03const. of 3 nos. SSK under Neturia Block 2016-07-272016-07-28a